Becoming a better Sales Person

29 11 2009

Becoming a better Sales Person

by harton
Being better at giving sales pitches and closing deals does not simply entail showing up at meetings promptly, being prepared with your materials, and knowing the ins and outs of your product or service. Living the life of a sales person requires commitment and passion. And with this passion, a positive outlook is needed. While both the textbook sales person and the passionate and positive sales person is able to effectively close major deals, the only way for you to advance in the field is to love what you are doing.

As said earlier, being in the field of sales is a commitment. This job is not easy. Not only will you need to be prepared and updated with the latest trends and news about your industry at all times, you will also have to always keep an upbeat mood (because you never know who you might bump into).

Novice sales persons are more likely to feel greater passion about their jobs than the old timers. However, in order for you to become a professional, even if years and decades have already passed, you have to know how to maintain this fire within you so that every time you succeed, you strive to gain more… and every time you fail, you stand up instantly and try one more time.

Changing how you think about the job in general will make a huge impact in the way you sell. Do not just hang out with people who will give you valuable sales advice. Be one of those people who hand out nuggets of wisdom about sales.

If you want to be a successful sales person, do not restrict your learning to the things that are related to your industry. Be a wide reader. If you come across an interesting and powerful article in a magazine, read it and absorb it. If somebody discusses with you a new idea, invention, or what-not, listen, ask questions, and relate with what you already know.

In the world of sales, you will not be facing just one type of person. The fact that you will be meeting and talking with a host of personalities that have varying interests is all the more reason for you to boost your stuck knowledge. Invest in a good mind and you’ll find that your conversations with prospects become more engaging, interesting and easier it will be for you to close a sale.

Also, if you want to advance in sales, you have to act professionally. That is, come on time and always be prepared for the unexpected. To survive the worst challenges to your sales skills, you must always be ready for a host of possible scenarios. It won’t hurt to be a little paranoid about the ‘what ifs’. Have a plan B, plan C, plan D. People will remember you better if you have stellar work ethics and are quick to come up with solutions.

Finally, have courage. Being a successful sales person means overcoming your fears and facing challenges head on. If a certain client does not seem to be interested in what you are selling, don’t be disheartened just yet. Try a different approach, but only to the point that you are not being pushy. While being annoying sometimes helps close deals, it definitely won’t make your client call you back for another product.

Your outlook is a very important factor to being good in sales. If you believe hard enough, this will naturally emanate from you and convince your prospect that what you are holding in your hands is what he or she needs. Be motivated in order to motivate. That’s what effective sales is all about.

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