29 11 2009


Please complete the following, ranking 1= Disagree, 5 = Agree


1. Our sales people exceed quotas on a fairly regular basis.        
2. Management is holding the sales force accountable for both activity and results.        
3. There is sufficient opportunity in the pipeline to achieve corporate objective.        
4. There are high quality opportunities in the pipeline.        
5. Current activity level is sufficient to achieve corporate objectives.        
6. There are enough new accounts being opened to exceed plan.        


1. Very few wrong sales people have been hired.        
2. New recruiting effort occurs consistently throughout the year.        
3. If top sales people resigned today, they could be replaced easily.        
4. The costs involved between firing a sales person and bringing their up-to-speed replacement are minimal.        
5. We have clear performance expectations for all new hires.        
6. Turnover of sales people is minimal.        


1. Our sales people can compete effectively against industry giants.        
2. They are capable of taking market share from our competitors.        
3. We gained market share.        
4. Our sales people are capable of selling at high margins.        
5. The sales force is capable of carrying out corporate sales strategies.        
6. Our sales cycle has been maximized and can’t be shortened.        


1. Personal goals are aligned with business goals.        
2. The effort the sales team exerts is equal to the effort needed to achieve corporate objectives.        
3. Each person on the sales team has the intense desire to be successful.        
4. Each person on the sales team is unconditionally committed to success.        
5. Our sales people are both clear and comfortable with expectations.        
6. Customer satisfaction scores have been increasing.        

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